Things I would like to do

Rather than even attempt to make resolutions, they only lead to disappointment when I fail to keep any but I do have some things that I would like to do this year.
1. I would like to rediscover my spinning wheel, its been a while.
2. Dye more yarn and restock my folksy shop
3. Finish the pattern I am writing for P/hop
4. Video some instructional films for double filet.
5. Get to Barnes Fair, there seems to have been something that has stopped me for the last five or so years so this year I really would try and get there.

Now there are lots more I would like to do but I thought if I kept it to a small number there may be hope of achieving one of them.

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  1. Lix

    Def dye more yarn – your colours are sublime. I was wearing the socks I made with my last folksy order yesterday and the colours are just awesome even after repeated washing. Seems like even regia fade and go murky after a few washes but not yours. Let me know when you restock!

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