Looking forward.

I guess it’s the traditional end of year blog entry, it’s not been the best of years for us for a number of reasons and although I know it could have been far worse I don’t think I am being to self indulgent in saying it has been pretty crap.
So putting that behind us and looking forward to next year, I don’t think making new years resolutions will help my stress levels so I’m just going to list some things I would like to do something about this year.
1. Finally settle into a long term home, this may still be a few months away but will enjoy the moment when I can close our new front door behind us.
2. This one seems a bit vain but have started to feel a bit lost, Pete is a complete blessing and joy but have started to feel of late that all
am is his mum. It’s in two ways, one is mentally which thanks to my friends isn’t to bad as I get to escape quite a bit but mostly its about how I look. Now those who know me I am no leading light in the fashion world neither my size or my budget really lends me to that role but I have always been me if you know what I mean, slightly quirky but me and now I just seem to pull on what is clean and pulling my hair back into a bun. I don’t know practically what this will mean if anything but wanted to put it down as it is starting to affect my confidence a little.
3. I really really want to do some sort of textile thing, either myself or a course, I know not very descriptive but I’m just not sure what. Every year at the shows I see some beautiful examples of textile work and I know it’s just a case if getting on with it but im guessing its just like looking at a blank piece of paper and not knowing where to start.
4. The final thing I want to do is completely inspired by Hila Paldi a friend on facebook who over Christmas has been listing a blessing no matter how small everyday. I can see the sense completely in this especially after this year as it is so easy to get overwhelmed by the bad stuff that you forget the good things.
So here is my first blessing.
My friends and family without whom we would never have survived this last twelve months, you are truly an amazing blessing, so Happy New Year to everyone and I hope you feel all as blessed as I do.


2 responses to “Looking forward.

  1. Happy New Year to you Nic and I hope 2014 is a better year for you x

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