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Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to either buy, favourite, liked and took the time to look at my new pattern Gejelh on Ravelry it absolutely made my day, as I said on instagram I fell in love with this pattern as I designed it, it came out just like I had imagined it.

It’s influenced by the crown worn by Merry Gejelh in the Dr Who Episode Rings Of Akhaten (this is a you tube link). They say design from what you know and I know it may be a bit Geeky but Dr Who has been with me through out my life, from hiding behind my parents sofa as a young child hiding from the cybermen, always the scariest of the Doctor’s enemies, to present day where my little boy hides behind me when the weeping angels appear. So hence Gejelh


Its knitted in double knitting weight yarn, in this case DMC Woolly, which is a 100% merino and seems to give really good definition to the stitches. I have used eight beads as an accent but you don’t have to do this, just replace the stitch with a simple knit stitch and it will work just as well.

P1030535And once again thank you, as Terri commented on Facebook its like giving birth to a child and letting it out into the world, its incredibly nerve wracking so to have such a positive response was wonderful.


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Its been a busy week, its amazing how much work a move creates, not only the physical packing and unpacking but so much paperwork, especially when it is over the Christmas period as so many official bodies close over the holidays so we have spent a lot of time chasing things up that have got lost in the ‘mail’.

But the good news is that it is one of my favourite wool shows coming up this weekend.waws

The reason it is one of my favourites is that there is plenty of opportunity the not only shop from great indie designers and dyers but its a great social occasion, the hotel has a great open reception with great seating and a bar where you can buy tea and coffee, and its great to see the  place full of knitters and crocheters when I get a break.

Unfortunately because of the move I am not in a situation to dye yarn at present but I have finally finished a couple of knitting patterns that I have been working on for a while that I am going to have with me. Jane of course will have her great collection of patterns plus a few new patterns from her Gothic Island collection too.

Here is a sneak peak of one of mine called Gejelh, I hope to have it up on Ravelry in a couple of weeks, I just need to reformat it for that.


I know the photo isn’t great, I blame the failing light, hopefully better soon.

I hope to see some of you there.

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New Craft

I posted this photo on my instagram feed yesterday

I thought I might explain a little bit about how I came across this new to me craft.

I actually ordered this kit back at the beginning of December from Amazon, I had actually been searching for a book on 3D embroidery stitches when a item describing itself as 5D embroidery popped up, well at £2.50 and free postage I couldn’t resist seeing what it was and added it to my order and didn’t think any more about it.

Well it arrived a couple of days ago and to be honest it couldn’t have been better timed, I’ve been struggling to knit or crochet without a sofa, I find it quite hard without good back support for any length of time so my fingers were starting to be really itchy but my brain was a bit to foggy to do anything complicated but felt I just needed to do something so I opened the parcel.

You get a printed canvas, it looks a bit like a cross stitch pattern which is covered in small squares and different symbols.

It is covered in adhesive and in this case a clear plastic coating you can peel off (some have a paper covering) also on the side it has a colour chart showing you which symbol matches which colour.

Also enclosed are the stick tool, a tray, a small chunk of wax and all the different coloured faceted resin pieces.

These aren’t quite how they came, when they arrive they are a strip of sealed packages, I have transferred them into little resealable bags. In this case I have fourteen colours. From what I understand you can get different types of these kits and this is quite a good one to start with as the resins are round so you have a little lea way in placing them where as if I had got the square resins you have to be a lot more accurate, you can also choose between kits where you have to cover the whole canvas with resins (I think if I order another one this is the type I would choose) or there are kits like mine where you only have part of the canvas to cover.

The tool is very nifty, you just take a small amount of wax into the metal end and this is enough for the resins to stick enough for you to pick them up.

And the tray is clever, it has little ridges in the bottom so if you gently tap it they all turn the right way up.

After watching a few you tube videos, some people seem to finish one colour before starting another but that means exposing all the glue so I have gone for working from one corner. The glue is very sticky so it’s definitely a hair back situation.

And it’s as simple as picking up the resin and finding its matching symbol and pressing it down into the canvas.

It’s a bit like a mix between a cross stitch but with the speed of a jigsaw, I must confess it’s like one of the reviewers on Amazon said, it’s probably not something I would hang on my wall (just not my personal taste) but it’s all about the doing, I found it a really good way to zone out and even vent a little anger, saying that I don’t recommend stabbing at the resins in the tray too hard as I found out as a number of other resin jumped out. It’s also one of the few crafts that Lb wanted to actually try and in fact spent twenty minutes doing one of the flowers and unfortunately in a house full of craft materials he has little interest in most crafts so it was nice to find something he wanted to try, he is far more involved in making music.

In this photo I have placed a penny just to show the scale.

My progress may slow down as my sofas actually arrived today, so tomorrow my knitting and crochet are coming out and I am treating myself to a day on the sofa.

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Can’t wait till tomorrow

Thank you everyone for your kind and supportive words after my last post, I am honestly not quite as forlorn as I may have sounded, I am sure that I will learn to love this place as much as the last.

What will help is that our sofa’s arrive tomorrow.

They are new to us and a lovely grey suede so at least when I put a throw on them it won’t slide. Now fingers crossed they fit, I got a rough measurement but unfortunately I hadn’t gone prepared and the only measuring tape our local British Heart Foundation shop had was a cloth tape which didn’t make things easy, especially as I was by myself so fingers crossed, that also goes for the wardrobe I found too.

The sofas though will make a huge difference, we’ve been sitting on dining chairs since the 30th, our last sofa wouldn’t have fitted in the new place, and I have found that I can’t really sit in them for longer than two hours, or knit or crochet and what is even worse is that on nights like these where the insomnia gets the better of me I can’t really get up and watch some stupid TV and unwind. So tomorrow is going to be a great day and have already booked myself a whole day of sofa sitting and knitting on Wednesday, and then maybe all will feel right with the world once again.

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So a New Year in our new flat, now it is a nice flat and I am in love with our new flooring

But I am finding it hard when people come in and say oh isn’t it so much better than the last place, now cosmetically it is and yes it has double glazing which will help with the bills but I didn’t want to move from our last place. It was old and shabby but it was almost double the size of this place and the windows were huge and I could lay in bed and watch the clouds sail by and witness amazing sunsets.

I am very grateful to have a roof over my head as I know many haven’t and I will make it a home but please if you visit remember we were forced to leave our last home due to the council deciding to pull the blocks down rather than us looking for somewhere different so I am still in mourning for our old home.

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11 years

Warning, this post is knitting and crochet free so you may wish to skip it, normal service will resume soon.

Dear Andy

11 years today I finally met my you face to face, we had spent a week talking almost 24 hours a day on the phone before this moment( I have the bills to prove it).And little did I know at that moment at the oh so romantic Barking Station, would change my life forever, 11 years later I cannot imagine my life without you.

Here we are 6 months later at Greenbelt festival, maybe a little unwashed but happy.


Also a few less grey hairs then.

We have  had our moments which could have torn us apart, but with a lot of tears we survived.

We also are lucky to have brought together the most amazing group of friends and family, who made our dreams come true by helping us stage this great day in 2012.


Photo thanks to Jane Lithgow

Yes you married your bearded bride with our perfect pirate as ring bearer who is the greatest present you ever gave me.


Photo thanks to Danillo Cooper

Who although talks endlessly about Pokemon to me, my life wouldn’t be the same.

I know we once again our heading towards challenging times, not only in the wider world but also our smaller little world but I know I will be ok because I have you by my side.



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And another Year ends

And another year ends, unfortunately another turbulent one for a lot of people either on the bigger scale or on a more personal level, I am included in that number, I am sorry I have been silent for a while but I haven’t felt able to share for a while.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that we are moving again, not through choice, but it shouldn’t be like last time and if all goes as promised the transition should be fairly smooth, the main problem is that we will probably move at quite short notice, I mean if the property we are offered has no work to be done on it we could be talking as little as a week to move which means just as we got to the point of beginning to unpack properly as we decided to no longer wait for the proposed building work, we are now packing things back into boxes (or at least not unpacking anymore) which makes planning anything very difficult.

It also for me has left me feeling quite anxious and very unsettled so sleep is a bit erratic and going out and being with people is not great but as ever my friends, family and my crafting keep me going.

So I have decided that I am not even going to attempt to make any resolutions as I don’t thinking any more pressure on myself at the moment would be sensible. Saying that I am hoping to carry on the reading habit that I have got back in to, I did achieve my 12 in 12 (not a lot for most people I know but since having Lb for me that is a great leap forward) in fact I think I read more than that.

I also want to carry on doing more sewing, I don’t think that I can commit to everyday but these look like they could be fun projects to do

A Year in Stitches

One Year of stitches

I am going to try and stitch at least a little a week.

I do have to knit some more socks for Lb, just after finishing these ones


We found out that on the month it had taken me to knit them his feet had grown by half an inch, he has a tendency to grow in spurts, so they no longer fitted him, nor did any of his other hand knitted socks. I have managed to finish a pair for him just before the New Year from some lovely yarn given to us from Probably Jane left over from a pair of adult socks, which was just enough with the edition from yarn from my scrap box for a pair of toe up fan toe socks, with my first ever Fish Lip Heels, the pattern of which I can say is worth the whole £1 it cost and there will be more in my future.


Well here’s to a good New Year for everyone.


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