Another Year passes

So another year passes, where I don’t keep my blog up to date, although I had a mild flourish in the middle of the year and almost published daily, I am a little better with my twitter account, but not much.

So I guess you can say  that this hasn’t been my best year, I have lost several people who were fundamental to my upbringing including my Mum, and although we had a turbulent relationship even I can not deny the lasting effect that she has had on my life. These were all big blows to me and sometimes a small thing will trigger a memory.

There was also the incident in August, I think this effected me far more than I had first admitted, I still cannot travel to that group by public transport as it makes me very nervous but I have been lucky and several people have helped me attend it on a regular bases. I hate no longer having the confidence I once did, don’t get me wrong I have always been cautious as any sensible person would be travelling at night but this is a completely different fear.

Textile wise, I had a couple of wonderful weekends away with people with the same passion as me, as ever SkipNorth goes from strength to strength and I am looking forward to this years which is approaching fast, and I attended my second London Colney weekend with the East London Crochet Group, I learnt so much that weekend, including one of my new obsessions, Tatting. I continued the amazing exploration of Double Filet and still love taking part in the design group.

I have also just started to dye again, it has been four years since I last did some and hope to get back into it in a more productive way this year.

Pete continues to amaze me, he started Nursery this year, I had feared that we might struggle getting him to settle but in fact not a tear was shed and loves every minute of it. He is a bright young thing and works my phone better than me, he is a little preformer and I think he takes after his dad in that way, all it takes is an audience and he’s off.

I know sometimes I moan a lot but really I am so lucky I have another half that loves me, I have my little boy, a roof over my head and friends, and I think that is going to be my resolution that I am going to try and remember that more often.
Happy New Year to you all x



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2 responses to “Another Year passes

  1. Happy New Year to you too!
    Can’t believe Pete is starting nursery, where has the time gone?!

  2. Terribly sorry to hear you lost your mum too. And for the other trials of last year. Hopefully 2011 will bring some positive experiences and opportunities.


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