More tech than knitting

Ok I am still struggling with my e-mail, thanks to a hint from Wye Sue I now know what the problem is, apparently it is a problem with virgin and yahoo, I did manage to get in briefly the other day but now can’t get back in again so still e-mail address less, so this is the call for the Romford knitting group this Sunday at 2pm ish at Starbucks as normal and can anyone who has an old group e-mail from me please forward the message to the group, thank you.

Other news, we have managed to find four more spaces on Skip North so if you missed out last time now is the time to book as I feel they won’t be round long.

I have managed some knitting and crochet this week but of course haven’t managed to take pics but I promise to make a real effort tomorrow to do so, I have also had some great classes at Stash recently, its so lovely to teach people with enthusiasm, saying that it is going to be nice on Saturday as we are taking Half term off from classes and I will be in the shop all day.



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2 responses to “More tech than knitting

  1. Wye Sue

    Tis no secret I used to be called ‘computer sue’ 😉
    glad to be of help…

  2. computers- great when they are working
    a right royal pain when they don’t!!

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