That’s it I surrender

So after a working week of not being able to open any of my Yahoo accounts and finding out it’s not just me but there are a few thousand of us with the same difficulty and Yahoo’s inability to acknowledge that there is even a problem I have changed my e-mail to, this is not my preffered choice but I haven’t got any choice.

The problem is now that I have lost all my e-mail addresses so please if you know I e-mail you can you drop me a quick note to give me your e-mail address, I will keep my yahoo account for a while, well I guess until I can access it again so I can terminate the contract and am now going to spend an hour changing my contact address everywhere so I promise there will be something about Ally Pally at asome point but in the meantime Yes I was there on Friday Sue I am sorry we missed the chance to meet up. And Ruth I have been wanting to e-mail you since we came back to thank you so much for letting me catch a lift with you and I hope I didn’t give you my cold.


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3 responses to “That’s it I surrender

  1. just emailed you my millions of email addies!


  2. ruth

    you are welcome, didnt catch your cold! Had a lovely day, was nice to have someone to wander about with, was a bit sad this friday that we werent going again!!

    ruth x

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