Now there are many things I should be writting about but having just watched the NTA’s I have just learned that after the four specials in 2009 David Tennant will no longer be playing the doctor

I am quite traumatised, not as much as when they cancelled the show but still…

I know I am quite sad but I and I know many who have grown up with this programme and has a lot of meaning, I am sure I learnt a lot of my morals from it.

Back to more yarn based things, I have actually finished a crochet item this week and then took it to Stash for the window without taking pics, I will try and take some shots although if the shop is as busy as last week I am not going to promise.

I also foundout more about the artist Emily B. who featured in this Fall Interweave Crochet here at her website, I was really inspired.



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3 responses to “Trauma

  1. I think he’s been a fab doctor. I thought no-one could replace Christopher Eccleston, but that very first shot of Tenant, when he grinned, had me assured that he’d be good. Wonder who is the next one??

  2. DT is a great doctor, and the next will be great too, be brave and cuddle some yarn!

  3. Nic

    Are you sure there are more important things you should be talking about? I don’t even like Dr Who but am forced to watch it by a 4 and 5yr old and I like David Tennant. He’s the only thing that makes it worth watching.

    I’ll send my 5yr old boy over and you can mourn the loss of him together 😉

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