11 years

Warning, this post is knitting and crochet free so you may wish to skip it, normal service will resume soon.

Dear Andy

11 years today I finally met my you face to face, we had spent a week talking almost 24 hours a day on the phone before this moment( I have the bills to prove it).And little did I know at that moment at the oh so romantic Barking Station, would change my life forever, 11 years later I cannot imagine my life without you.

Here we are 6 months later at Greenbelt festival, maybe a little unwashed but happy.


Also a few less grey hairs then.

We have  had our moments which could have torn us apart, but with a lot of tears we survived.

We also are lucky to have brought together the most amazing group of friends and family, who made our dreams come true by helping us stage this great day in 2012.


Photo thanks to Jane Lithgow

Yes you married your bearded bride with our perfect pirate as ring bearer who is the greatest present you ever gave me.


Photo thanks to Danillo Cooper

Who although talks endlessly about Pokemon to me, my life wouldn’t be the same.

I know we once again our heading towards challenging times, not only in the wider world but also our smaller little world but I know I will be ok because I have you by my side.




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