And another Year ends

And another year ends, unfortunately another turbulent one for a lot of people either on the bigger scale or on a more personal level, I am included in that number, I am sorry I have been silent for a while but I haven’t felt able to share for a while.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that we are moving again, not through choice, but it shouldn’t be like last time and if all goes as promised the transition should be fairly smooth, the main problem is that we will probably move at quite short notice, I mean if the property we are offered has no work to be done on it we could be talking as little as a week to move which means just as we got to the point of beginning to unpack properly as we decided to no longer wait for the proposed building work, we are now packing things back into boxes (or at least not unpacking anymore) which makes planning anything very difficult.

It also for me has left me feeling quite anxious and very unsettled so sleep is a bit erratic and going out and being with people is not great but as ever my friends, family and my crafting keep me going.

So I have decided that I am not even going to attempt to make any resolutions as I don’t thinking any more pressure on myself at the moment would be sensible. Saying that I am hoping to carry on the reading habit that I have got back in to, I did achieve my 12 in 12 (not a lot for most people I know but since having Lb for me that is a great leap forward) in fact I think I read more than that.

I also want to carry on doing more sewing, I don’t think that I can commit to everyday but these look like they could be fun projects to do

A Year in Stitches

One Year of stitches

I am going to try and stitch at least a little a week.

I do have to knit some more socks for Lb, just after finishing these ones


We found out that on the month it had taken me to knit them his feet had grown by half an inch, he has a tendency to grow in spurts, so they no longer fitted him, nor did any of his other hand knitted socks. I have managed to finish a pair for him just before the New Year from some lovely yarn given to us from Probably Jane left over from a pair of adult socks, which was just enough with the edition from yarn from my scrap box for a pair of toe up fan toe socks, with my first ever Fish Lip Heels, the pattern of which I can say is worth the whole £1 it cost and there will be more in my future.


Well here’s to a good New Year for everyone.



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  1. Happy New Year – my only resolution is to try and see more of you! Hopefully 2017 will end up being more settled for all of us. Shout out if I can help in any way with the move!

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