Project Bike

Its been a  busy week here, but I had a really proud mum moment this week, Lb learnt to ride a bike, now for some people this may not seem like big thing what some people may not know is that they believe has slight dyspraxia which means balance and coordination isn’t the best and me and his dad having been trying to help him learn for over two years but he didn’t seem to be able to co-rdinate pedalling and looking where he was going but this week in school they did Bikeability and the guys were amazing, by Tuesday Pete was happily riding with so much confidence, he passed level one but they weren’t quite happy for him to move onto part 2 as that involves the students being taken out onto the road and they felt his confidence wasn’t quite at that level yet but he is first on the list for next year. I am  so proud of him as I have to confess that I had been starting to think that maybe it was something he may never be able to do, I feel really terrible saying that as he has proven time and time again that he can do anything .

There was second problem, he has once again had a growth spurt over the summer and is on the verge of growing out of his bike and now that he has come this far he wants to ride his bike all the time so with that in mind I have tweaked a pattern I wrote for one of my Belsey Bridge workshops and Hope to release it on Ravelry and all money I raise from it will go into Lb’s bike fund. I am just looking for a couple of test crocheters, I know the basic pattern works as several of the ladies achieved the finished product whilst we were away I just need to test that my basic instructions are workable.


I am looking for a couple of people who can do basic crochet stitches but haven’t worked corner to corner, the instructions are fully written with support charts, if anyone can help please let me know, it should really only take a little over an hour of your time. Many thanks in advance.



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4 responses to “Project Bike

  1. Wendy Peterson

    Hey Nic, I’d love to have a try if you still need anyone. It looks fab! I can do basic crochet – all the usual stitches, but I’ve not done any crochet colourwork before and I’ve only followed one pattern before. I’m big on granny squares 🙂
    I’d love to have a go though!

  2. Want me to have a go – your request is nicely timed as I’m now on holiday until the 6th!

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