Finally Lb is safely back at school, aren’t those last few days mad, all those things you have intended to do all summer end up squashed in to the last few days, and I confess I still have Lb’s cubs badges, that he was awarded at the end of last term, to sew on before Tuesday.

Enough of that I finally have time to share with you the great time I had at the East London Crochet Groups residential at the end of August. This was my eighth year of attending and teaching a couple of the workshops, I will save my workshops for another post as they will have quite a lot of photos to go with them.

I should explain a bit about the 4 day residential, we are based on the Suffolk/Norfolk border at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre, we moved here a few years ago after the previous location closed and although its a bit further for us to travel it is so worth it, we now have ensuite single bedrooms and the most fantastic hall to use, it has great light and its own kitchen so we can make tea and coffee at will.


This is the hall, which is in a completely separate wing so we are never disturbed where as in the previous location we have had to share with some very loud groups who maybe didn’t respect other groups space so we had to think about locking rooms where as here even when we share with other groups we rarely get visitors unless we have invited them.

I should also mention the food, there is so much, we have three cooked meals a day plus tea and coffee break that involve cakes and biscuits, all really good and they try and use local products and they cope really well with all our different dietary requirements.

We really do work hard over the week, we fit twelve workshops in from our arrival on Tuesday evening  to our departure in the afternoon on Friday, we do schedule get a break in the afternoon but as you can see from this photo a lot of people work through catching up on some of the workshops or getting a little extra help if its needed.


You can also see in the photo that we each have our own table for the week so we can leave what ever we need out and carry on working on things with out having to pack everything up, I know sometimes this feels a bit funny to first timers but I love the fact that I don’t have to pack up after every workshop, although unusually for me I keep a very tidy table.

This year we tackled as normal a wide variety of workshops, I will confess that not all my crochet is finished but I have a good excuse, some of us are placed as helpers so some of the workshop times I am actually helping others although I did quite well this year.

These are just four of the workshops samples I am working on, one of the ones I am most pleased with this year is this mitten.


Kindly modelled by Lucy, this was a pattern written in double Filet by Lesley with the most amazing start at the tip of the fingers, I won’t spoil it any further as I am hoping she will release the pattern.

I also loved Sheila’s follow up to her two by two patterns from last year,2016-09-10-12-46-44

although this small sample doesn’t look much, it has such possibilities and was a good challenge to even the most experienced of us.

What I haven’t managed to photograph is the lacy hat in Broomstick crochet that Hilary brought to challenge us, I will when it is finished as at the moment the photos just look like a big pile of tangled wool.

I just wanted to Barbara, Mary, Michael, Lesley, Hilary, Anne, Sheila, Margerat, Jane and Laura for bringing their expertise and spending their time sharing their skills with us.


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