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I love books, I now its more convenient to have electronic versions of publications these days but I love actually opening a book especially when it comes to art and textiles, I never really feel like I read them properly as it is so easy to flick through pages on a tablet. So I love receiving books as gifts and my friend Mary has given me some beautiful books recently.

These are the latest two

Not the best photos but I can’t recommend them enough especially ‘Making and Drawing’ by Kyra Cane, I could get so lost in this book, there is so much in it. They are helping me find my artistic voice, it is really difficult having been away from the art scene for so long but there has always been a separation between the craft(specifically textiles) and the art world through out my education so it has been difficult to find my own voice but to see work that crosses the boundaries really helps.

I have had a book find of my own this week. It was recommended in one of the textile Facebook groups I belong to.
2016-08-26 13.07.25

First I looked it up on Amazon and nearly fell off my chair, much as I am willing to pay for a good book £50 for a second handbook was a bit higher than I was willing to go, so on the off chance I popped over to eBay and lo and behold there was this copy for a princely sum of £2.50 with free postage, I have to say it was worth every penny. Every page has clear photographs of the stitches and line drawings explaining their construction at a reasonable size, something I have learned to value as I get older, trying to balance a book in the crook of your elbow whilst you are attempting a stitch ins fun, this sits quite happily on the arm of my chair and is big enough to see clearly.

2016-08-26 15.37.19

It was originally published in 1979 but I think this is a mid eighties reprint.

There has been a lot of crochet going on but a lot have been final samples for the crochet Retreat at Belsey Bridge so will be able to share them when I get back and hopefully a few photos of our week away.


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