2016-08-14 16.03.55Happy Anniversary my darling, we made it to our fourth anniversary (10 years from the first time we met), which, if you looked at our lives on paper, means we are winning against all the odds. We both came with history into our relationship and we haven’t taken the easy route, but we are still here together. From the first day we haven’t often spent a night apart and in fact when we do I feel like I am missing a limb with out you there.

You helped me create the most precious thing in my life our son and gave me the belief in myself that I could be a good Mum and it was ok to make mistakes.

You have learnt the difference between a crochet hook and a knitting needle, and nod appropriatly when I dangle a piece of work in your direction and ask a question. You recognise and cope with the days when I just need to create, and nether question the fact that I have a weird and wonderful collection of things just in case I may need them, you have also been one of the few people who understand how I work and don’t nag me when you know I am running up to a deadline and seem to be focusing on something else, you seem to know I need this to slow my brain down so I can focus on the actual problem. you believe in my abilities even more than myself at times.

Okay I will stop gushing, but even though I hate parties with a passion, yes we can renew our vows on our 10th Anniversary including the Karaoke (but I draw the line at the vajazzle), it gives me six years for me to get used to the idea.

Love you loads x


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  1. Rachel

    Happy Anniversary to you both!

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