Wow what a weekend

We have just come back from a wonderful weekend away witnessing the eldest of my two brothers get married. It was so lovely to see him wed someone he so obviously loves and is absolutely the most wonderful person, it makes me so pleased to see him so happy especially having taken the brunt of caring for our father through all his illnesses it was so wonderful for him to finally put himself first.

The bride was beautiful

2016-08-14 18.31.01

The groom and best men at least had ironed shirts (note the sneaky bit of crochet). I also now know how to tie a cravat.

2016-08-14 12.24.57

I have to say I was impressed and surprised by how good all the speeches were, especially the best men who captured the mood perfectly.

The cake was amazing, that is all fresh cream that has been used to decorate it.

2016-08-14 15.16.24

There was a traditional Nepalese blessing (sorry I can’t remember the name) me, Andy and my brother and sister were also given scarfs and blessings from Tara’s parents.

Edited – that blessed cloth is called ‘khada’ it has buddhist script written on it for protection and blessings (Thank you Tara)

2016-08-14 18.51.23But my favourite part of the day was this moment

2016-08-14 19.03.58

This is Tara’s father giving a blessing to Lb, this followed a wonderful five minute conversation where neither of them understood what the other was saying but it didn’t seem to matter they just connected. It actually brought a tear to my eye as reminded me a little bit of Dad and Lb when he used to talk to dad about things like Minecraft.

I was very nervous about going to the wedding, I am not great at large gatherings especially of people I don’t know (ask poor Andy who I snapped at on several occasions on the run up) but Tara’s family was so wonderful and made us feel so included and part of the extended family that  everyone Lb saw on the way home got told that he had 75 new members of his family (I don’t know why 75).

There are may more photos which I am sure the bride and groom will share in their own time but I want to thank them for inviting us to be part of their big day.

2016-08-14 13.32.49



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3 responses to “Wow what a weekend

  1. Wow that looks absolutely fantastic. So glad you all had a good time.x

  2. Sue Krekorian

    Looks like such a lovely day. Well done for getting there xxx

  3. Wendy Peterson

    Looks like a gorgeous day!

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