On the Mend

Although hand still swollen I can at least now bend my index finger so I was able to kA my place at the June workshop of the East London Crochet group, we specialise a type of crochet called double filet and we meet up four times a year plus a summer school, I am lucky enough to be part of the design team.

As part of that we all contribute new patterns for a approx 20 page booklet for each workshop, unfortunately this time with my hand out of action for a couple of weeks I didn’t get as many samples finished as I would have liked but did manage a couple.

It always amazes me the wide range of work that is brought to show and tell

This was made by Mary B who is one of the people who have founded the group and has helped develop the technique to the level it is now. Here she has taken one of our simpler square and made the cutest baby blanket or lapghan using lots of scraps of yarn (the photo has come out a little more Neon than it actually is.2016-06-04 14.34.55

And then in a completely different style Wendy H produced this amazing piece presented for her Level 4 certificate,

2016-06-04 14.36.26I wish I had taken a closer shot of the stitch work especially the work on the frame.

I am still trying to rest my hand and only doing small amounts of knitting and crochet but I have found I can bead without bothering the hand to much even if my tension is off a bit. I’ve been using online tutorials to learn how to make triangles in peyote stitch and so far I have these two.

2016-06-03 11.59.56

The bottom one suffered a bit from me not being able to tension my thread well at the moment, well that and very uneven beads but there are definitely more in my future.


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