Houston we have a problem

Well its been one hell of a week, I won’t bore you with the details, but the worst part has been is that I have hurt my left hand, well seemingly the knuckle of my index finger, its amazing what you need that finger for. I have no idea how I’ve done it as I woke up with it last Thursday morning so finally gave in as it hadn’t improved, with all the normal advice for swollen hands, and headed off to the doctors, well a series of drop in clinics, and the good news was by the end of the day is that I haven’t broken any bones, bad news no idea whats going on so have been sent home and told to keep using the pain killers I have and rest hand so still no knitting and crochet for me, you can imagine how frustrating that is.

Even with the bad hand me and Lb did manage to get the games night at Stepney City Farm which was raising money for NSPCC, it was the best night, thanks to Amy and Reb for hosting such a great evening, I do love a great board game.


2016-05-27 17.49.18-1.jpg

We found a great new game we have to get a copy of King of Tokyo what I love about it is that it works for all levels, we played it for the first time using the basic level and Pete won even against people who have played it before. So although there is a certain amount of strategy about it, a lot is down to the roll of the dice, one for the christmas list I think.

I also managed to get to a Bead sale by Dizzy Di based at the wonderful That’s Crafty and came away with a few bargains and unusually they are all basic components that I would normally use, ok I added a couple of strands of pearls but who could resist at a pound each.

2016-05-28 15.06.55-1

So hopefully when the hand sorts itself I can get back into making a few bits and pieces.



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3 responses to “Houston we have a problem

  1. Sue Krekorian

    Poor Nic – you are having a bad time at the moment. Can you indulge in some nice fat library books while LB makes you some lovely art?

  2. Pearl

    Hi! Please email me with your shipping address as you won the book giveaway on my blog! http://www.beadinggem.com/2016/06/winner-of-sensational-soutache-jewelry.html

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