Games Night

Well ok its not quite games night yet but it will be taking place tonight at Stepney City Farm tonight all to raise money for NSPCC, it starts at five and runs till between nine and ten, the cafe will be open to purchase coffee and cake. We have a great history of playing board games in our family, Thursday night was always game night so when my Mum passed away a few years ago there was a huge collection of games which my brother brought home, unfortunately when he had to move he had to downsize so we took them and when I mean a lot, I mean a lot, some of which I think we as a family would never play or when Lb would be old enough to play the questions would no longer be relevant so it was lovely to find somewhere to donate some of the games where they will be loved and used rather than hidden away in the cupboard, we still have a good collection at home do not worry.

2016-05-26 14.24.17-1

But I think this lot will make tonight lots of fun.

We have also been sorting out a few boxes and I have come across a few goodies like these christening gowns that came from my grandmothers house, now I am not sure who wore them , I know my bother and sister din’t as I remember those gowns, but they are all handmade sewn with the tiniest of stitches and all the embroidery work is amazing.

2016-05-24 11.55.00I also rediscovered one of my Mum’s sewing baskets and found these brooches and pins inside.

2016-05-24 15.15.07

I also got to look through some of the wonderful fabrics that I was given by a good friend when her mother passed away.

Andy keeps asking for a pair of trousers made out of the fabric on the left, thankfully there isn’t enough.


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