Happy Parcels

Thankfully I seem to have recovered from the nut attack, although the weekend was spent mostly asleep, so back to normal this week including a trip to the farm and this lovely treat, Sourdough Eggy Bread, with Rhubarb Compote and good bacon, it was heaven and just the sort of comfort food I needed after last week.

2016-05-12 13.34.59-2

I have been really spoilt of the last week to with two happy parcels, firstly from my friend Jacsqui which contained these wonderful yarns

2016-05-07 10.58.13-1

They are both from Den of Yarniquity the top colour way is Winter Berry and is a mix of super wash merino and Bamboo and is so soft, and the bottom which I think is my favourite is Winter Rainbow which is a merino, nylon sock yarn. I am so desperate to cast that one on but I haven’t found a pattern that I think will both do it justice and I will actually finish, I really can’t do acres of stocking or garter stitch so suggestion very welcome.

The parcel also included a great pamphlet of wire jewellery which may lead to some experiments plus a new to me camera, Jacsqui has very kindly let me have her wonderful Lumix automatic camera as she no longer uses it and is perfect timing as my little automatic Olympus had an accident and yes I use my phone mostly to take photos but I d find although amazing quality for a phone not so greta when you start looking at them in larger format so this little camera will be great to pop in the bottom of my bag.

My second happy parcel arrived this morning

2016-05-13 09.29.41

This time it was all the way from Lixie in the USA, that amazing bag which apparently is made from the plastic of four recycled bottles and is really sturdy, contained this amazing collection.

2016-05-13 09.32.17

There was even a little something for George. I am very excited to get more corn muffin jiffy mix, its one of the things I always ask people to bring home with them when they head for the states as its difficult to locate here and I love cornbread and this makes it so easy.

After all this excitement I have been catching up with the East London Crochet Group Double Filet Colour Change CAL, plus working on a couple of new designs for the next months workshop.


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