Right Wool for the right Pattern

I know, I’m as amazed as you are, another blogpost within a week (the bullet journal is really working).

I do have a couple of knitting photos this time as although I am up to my ears in deadline projects (including a very overdue baby blanket,  sorry Becca) I had a casting on accident.

I brought Starman when it was first released, well why wouldn’t I what with the  David Bowie connection plus the fact the the designer is very kindly making making a donation to Cancer research on patterns sold in 2016, but I have also had this yarn in my Stash since before Lb was born,

2016-04-05 15.21.34

I love this skien as soon as it came out of the pot but I have struggled to find a pattern to use it for, now it would work great with a plain knit but regular readers know my inability to knit anything to plain, hey more often or not get frogged. I originally attempted a Clapotis but that hit the frog pond very early on. The pattern originally calls for 4ply but I am working in aran weight, I have changed the needles accordingly and I will see how it goes but may add in a couple of extra sections before I cast off depending on how much yarn I have left.

I did find one other pattern that worked really well with it last year

2016-04-05 15.22.35.jpg


This is a close up of my Woolly Wormhead Jetty  from her fabulous collection of patterns specifically for hand painted yarns. I don’t think I could quite carry off both at once but love the fact that I have found something that suits this much treasured wool.

Oh for those wanting to know about the yarn, do you remember the 1p a gram cold spring mill bargains, well this was one of those cones dyed by me, that shows how old it is.

On slightly less woolly news I have again decided to have a bit of a Facebook break, I haven’t closed my account but have taken the app off my phone so I would really have to make a concerted effort to log on, I’m a bit sad about it as there are friends and family I keep in touch on there with but am finding that people seem to be forgetting that they are actually talking to people and have stopped showing the respect that you would if you are talking in person and in some groups, for me, its almost got to the point of bullying.

I am still going to be on social media, I love instagram and pop in and out of twitter so hopefully won’t miss too much.


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