End of February

Surprisingly enough I have lots of finished items, in fact I surprised myself looking back that the beginning of this year I have actually been quite productive, I really should blog more often.

I’m trying to get a little more organised and have recently started a bullet journal to try and keep on top of things as I was starting to feel overwhelmed by everything.

2016-02-10 10.22.31

So the pink book is my new journal, squared paper of course, I ordered it from Amazon but I am really disappointed with it, my fault I should have paid closer attention to the description, but the paper is to think even a regular black liner pen goes through the paper making the reverse side unusable, fine if you only ever design or write in Pencil but I often have to use a pen to define a shape or pattern so am having to stick pages together to make it usable even as a journal. Thankfully I have one more squared paper A5 sketchbook from Asda when they used to do them for £2.50, unfortunately they no longer sell them, for my regular design work but after that not sure what I am going to do.

Speaking of designs I have been working up samples for the double filet workshop on this upcoming Saturday, I can only give you a sneak peak at some of the designs for the weekend but having seen all the worksheets on Fridays design meeting we are going to have a great workshop, a really diverse range of patterns all based around North America.2016-02-17 10.13.35-2

If any one is interested in coming to one of the workshops please get in touch we always welcome beginners to double filet.

2016-02-07 23.02.10

I have made good progress on my Emiliana Shawl even if I haven’t taken a good photo of it yet, I am using some beautiful handspan given to me by Probablyjane which in real life is a beautiful dusky pink/grey and some lovely Alpaca Silk I was given by Essexgirlknits. This is my knitting group knitting so it is growing slowly but I am happier now that I have got to the slipped stitch pattern in the middle of the shawl.

I have been using more hand spun in my SkipNorth hat, this time my own, it is from a batt I actually brought on a Skipnorth weekend at Winghams and also I believe the Pink is from a ball I picked up from one of our phop swaps to. It is designed by Sheila to teach fairisle colour work at our 10th Weekend away.

2016-01-15 10.31.00

We are almost at that time of year again, this year will I believe be our 12th year away in Haworth and we have a few new places to  visit this year plus a few old favourites. I am really looking forward to meeting up with everyone for a fantastic woolly weekend and will try and remember to take photos.


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