12 Months

2014-12-26 14.45.00

Today it has been a whole year since I lost my Dad, it doesn’t seem as though it was yesterday, I still find myself thinking I must remember to tell Dad that when Lb does something funny, or I see something on the news he might be interested in him. As I’ve said before he wasn’t perfect but hand on my heart, now being a parent I can say no parent is, especially with your first as you are heading into the unknown.

I do have some wonderful memories of him including these.


These are professional paint colour charts, we have always had one in the house as long as I can remember and spent many a happy hour as a young child playing with them. Dad was in fact a trained cabinet maker but ended up in the shop fitting trade so it was one of his tools of the trade. The best memory with these is the year ( I can only have been about 4 or 5) when he asked me what colour I wanted my bedroom painted, in fact I may have been younger as I think it was before my sister was even thought about, and I chose a really deep dark purple, I think he tried to convince me that maybe a paler shade would be better but apparently I was quite persistent and wouldn’t change my mind, now a lot of parents I think would have carried on trying to change the child’s mind but he painted my bedroom the dark purple I had chosen, thankfully my parents had painted my furniture a pale colour so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I still treasure the fact that he followed my wishes even at such a young age and will stay with me forever but thankfully I have grown out of the dark purple phase.

My greater sadness is for my Son, I had a close relationship with my grand parents when I was young and have great memories of spending time at their houses doing the things that parents often don’t get the time to do, unfortunately Lb doesn’t have any remaining grand parents, he remembers Dad and saw him just before he passed away and we had had a couple of holidays with him but he doesn’t remember much about them, my brother does spoil him rotten and I have lots of lovely friends that look out for him so I am sure he will be fine.












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  1. Ian

    I remember that feeling of “I must tell him something when I get home”. But one adjusts eventually. Getting past the first year is one of the hurdles. I didn’t know any of my grand-parents or uncles, but one doesn’t usually miss what one never had – until perhaps in grown-up life when you think about it and see other families. Young minds tend to move on quickly after a bereavement, which may be a positive thing. It’s nice for you to remember those fond memories and what you learned from your dad.

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