Part Two

I know two blog posts in one day but I kind of chickened out posting this in my previous post but I have given myself a strong talking to and here we go ( this makes it sound like some important announcement it really isn’t just important to me).

Some of you know that my degree is in Fine Art (specialising in sculpture) which I graduated from in 1999, sixteen years ago, now in the beginning I still showed pieces of work occasionally and have always drawn and most recently designed for crochet but haven’t actually shown an actual piece of art work since 2006, there have been lots of reasons but recently I have had  this little niggle in the back of my brain, a sense of something missing. Its all part I think of when you become a parent you lose yourself a little because your priorities change, not that this is a bad thing but Lb is getting older now and with the passing of my Dad this year it has made me realise that time passes so fast that we shouldn’t keep putting things off because before we know it we will be out of it.

So when Stepney City Farm Cafe started to offer local artists their cafe to put up work I had a mad moment and asked if I could take part. Now knowing that I wanted to create brand new work (yes I do have a couple of bits tucked away or in places I could borrow them from) I wanted to challenge myself, to explore all the new skills I have acquired over the last nine years, I asked if it could be later in the year so I will be showing work in the last two weeks of September in 2017.

Just typing that has made me slightly hysterical, there are so many reasons not to do it which is why I haven’t told may people (including the OH) as it meant I could still pull out.

The little voices in my head are listing all the negatives, maybe I can’t do it anymore, I should be making commercial things to sell, your too old for all this nonsense and on they go.

I have to say this TED talk helped a lot

I came across it just by chance, if you haven’t come across them before I really recommend checking them out as there is always something new to learn and these are in nice bite size pieces.

If I was going to do it anywhere the Farm would be the place as it is a wonderfully supportive place and I know they will help me all they can to make it look great, I know although their diary is filling up fast there are a few places left in the diary for any other artists wanting to show their work, it is only a small space and be prepared its a working cafe and not a white space but do have a large and varied clientele in the East of London.
So by publicly declaring my intent, this is it starting from just after Christmas I may get a bit quiet as I concentrate in developing a whole new set of work so may be a little quiet on social media or if you see me on there to much tell me to get back to work.




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6 responses to “Part Two

  1. Well done on doing this, don’t chicken out but see it as a challenge, something to do for yourself! Good luck!!

  2. Rachel

    Well done on going for it and going public too.

  3. How exciting! (And scary!) I would love to see your work, so I very much hope you can pack those negative thoughts off to a nice quiet room, out of your way, perhaps with a bit of crochet to keep them busy!

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