Advent Knitting

Its been a busy month but finally I have a little time to sit and knit, not that I don’t have a number of projects on the needles at the moment but when have that ever stopped me casting another.

Well to be fair I have actually finished a piece of christmas knitting and several crochet samples so I felt I deserved to cast on something for advent. In the past I have always had a project in mind and ready to go  for the quiet moment on Christmas day afternoon when all the food is done and everyone else is occupied with their gifts but last year I started this early with Josh Ryks Scarfy Shenanigans  where we knit a scarf over the twelve days of Christmas, Josh designs are perfect for me, I have the attention span of a gnat so get really bored with acres of stocking or garter stitch, his designs have many or twist and turn to them and with a MKAL you never know what coming next.

So this lead me to look for another project this year. I found a few that caught my eye, firstly Wild and Woolly 2015 Solstice MKAL designed by Probably Jane, which is free if you sign up to their newsletter. I have to confess to having seen an early version of this and its beautiful and very tempting but may wait till later in the year for these as my feet are very swollen at the moment so would rather wait till they are a more normal size so I can make them fit me.

Then I came across the advent MKAL sock that Roobeedoo and Roo Knits are doing called The Scrap Yarn Sock Advent Calendar, the way the clues work means that everyone will have a completely individual pair of socks, again tempting but the same problem with getting the size right, also I think it would have taken up more time than I know I am going to have.

I found this really cute KAL just as it was ending, they started making the Mitten Garland Advent Calender back in June and Kat Lewinski posted a new mitten pattern every monday. Check out some of the finished sets on their Ravelry Group. Now I haven’t done a lot of colour work so knew there was no way I would have kept up anyway but I have decided to try and knit one a fortnight so hopefully I will have a full set by next Christmas.

This is the start of my first one

2015-12-10 21.31.00-2

As you can see the tension is all over the place, my theory is by doing all 24 things will improve but I am not going to do this in a rush but I am hoping to encourage a few friends to join me in the fun. So this doesn’t really count as an advent project.

So I finally returned to where I began, back with Josh Ryks and this years MKAL Spired the other great thing about this pattern is that it is a great stash buster, you have a choice of weight of yarn and gives length of yarn required so you can have a bit of a stash dive . This is what I have come up with, not the best photo and will try and get one on daylight.

2015-12-13 20.45.55

We are on day 2 and so far so good, I am not going to post a pic as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but you can check out peoples progress here.






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