Spinning Again

The change in the weather has given me the spinning bug once more, I find it difficult to spin in the summer as my hands get a bit to sticky so I just get frustrated so I usually tuck it away till the colder months.

The first up was to finish some beautiful Gradient Pack from Hilltop Cloud.

2015-10-18 10.49.03-2

Now of course I have very carefully been keeping the label that was on the fibre so I could record its content and of course now that I actually need it I can’t find it but the important bit I do remember is that it has camel in it and being the first time spinning camel I will openly admit that I learnt a huge amount. Now its not perfectly spun but I love the yarn.

2015-10-22 17.16.56-2

Its around 440m and averages out at about a sport weight and soooo soft, I am so going to have to get some more of this, its such a great price for such a lot of fibre.

Next on the wheel went this amazing braid of fibre that Jane gave me

2015-10-25 11.32.41

This picture really doesn’t show how illumines green this is, Jane can’t remember were is came from, I just spied it in her collection and I couldn’t stop looking at it, I occasionally dye fibre as well as wool and I know that some times when you spin up fibre it is completely unrecognisable from the original braid and I would never dream of using such a bright green and wondered if that there was something I was missing, maybe the colour would be knocked back by the pink?

Well some of it was

2015-10-27 15.42.59-1

but it is still quite bright, my OH loves it and has requested gloves!!! I still don’t think I will be purchasing that luminous green dye just yet.

Other great news is that Skipnorth Booking is open, its one of my favourite events of the year, woolly friends all getting together for a weekend of cake and Spinning and Knitting in Public, we are heading back to Haworth YHA ( a beautiful Gothic Mansion) and I am so looking forward too catch up with everyone.

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