A Day Out – Ok well two days out

Last Sunday saw me and the LB head out to a community fete at the newly refurbished and reopened Rainham Hall
2015-10-08 15.41.38

The hall is only just down the road from our new place and I have been looking forward to actually getting to visit more than the gardens. Now I wouldn’t normally take Lb to a national Trust property, I just don’t think he’s quite of an age to enjoy them yet and it usually means that we end up rushing through somewhere and ends up being a waste of money but as the Trust had made it free entry during the community Fete I thought we could have a quick look and then I could come back for a closer look when he is at school.

I am so glad I took Lb, this is a completely different National Trust experience, there is no real furniture attached to the house as it has had many tenants over the years  so they seem to have taken the opportunity to try something really different, every 18months or so they are going to concentrate on a different one, they have started with Captain John Harle the original builder of the house.

2015-10-14 12.05.19

In each room there is a different experience, there are film installations and sound installations, work by modern day crafts people influenced by the house and time scattered through out the house and you are encouraged to open cupboards and doors.

2015-10-14 11.33.40 HDR

This is a photo of a room set up with a video inspiration that makes you feel like you are on a boat, it is more dynamic than I make it look.

There are still the beautiful original features to be seen.

2015-10-14 11.29.23 HDR2015-10-11 12.19.292015-10-14 11.28.47 HDR

2015-10-14 11.44.46   There are also a great textile group The Material Girls work displayed around the house.

The gardens are also beautiful but it was a bit on the chilly side to investigate.

I have been back already on Wednesday and can also recommend the cafe that is situated in the stable block although I would recommend a jumper  if you are visiting as all old buildings its a bit chilly.

I would also recommend taking public transport and not to drive as there is limited parking in the area and it is right opposite Rainham train station.

It is a lovely afternoon out and if anyone wants to go and visit let me know as I am happy to meet up and see it all again.


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