Growing Boy

This summer we seem to reach that point when our Little Boy started the next stage, he stopped being the permanent attachment who wanted to know what I was doing all the time and wanting to join in, he stopped being the little boy who needed constant entertaining to someone who has his nose in a book or wants to watch TV in our bedroom as he wants to watch his TV programmes and today we are going to buy him his own deodorant spray and matching body wash as he has used all of his Dad’s. It suddenly seems to be going so fast, I am a little sad but also proud that he wants to be more independent and over joyed at his love of books, but I still love that moment at night when I go in and check on him where he has kicked off all of his covers and is curled in a ball and when I cover him up he slowly uncurls, it means he’s still not completely grown up at 8.

There has been some crochet and knitting going on.

2015-10-03 12.50.53-12015-10-03 12.50.42

We had out Autumn East London Crochet Group meeting which as ever delivered a great range of crochet styles in the show and Tell.

This is the pattern that was my contribution to the workshop

2015-09-13 16.31.30

It is a carpet bag worked in different size double filet squares flat braid joined. You can do it in different sizes.

2015-09-18 08.42.22-22015-09-12 13.17.09

And I tried out this pattern for crochet handles which worked out very well.

I’ve also knitted a last minute hat for Pete’s cub camp, unfortunately he now wants a scarf to match.

2015-09-19 11.05.27-2

I am also taking part in the Vanessa IversMKAL, which will be a crescent shape shawl with lace, nupps and beads. I have finished the first clue and I’m looking forward to the next one.

2015-10-02 09.39.58-2

I am using some lovely Lioness Art Yarns gifted to me for my birthday for my birthday this year, its not quite as purple as the photo would have you believe.

2015-08-24 11.50.20I am continuing with the TAST but have slowed down a lot due to other commitments but it is something I am eally enjoying and I see a lot of sewing in my future.

2015-09-11 15.29.22


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