Its been a few months but I haven’t been sitting on my hands, one of the newest things that I have been taking part in is something that I have been talking about doing for the last couple of years after first seeing the website here. Sharon has run Take a Stitch Tuesday for a long time and I have always wanted to take up the challenge but never really started so when a group of ladies decided to all start the challenge from the beginning again I took that as a sign. They mostly post over on the Facebook page everyone is welcome, basically we look at a different embroidery stitch each week, Sharon posts the how to page and some inspirational photos and then we all just have a go, there are no real rules so the most amazing variety of work is shown, even if you don’t take part the work is amazing to look at.

I had always had in mind doing an embroidery sample book after seeing Million Little Stitches Books from the original challenge. She very generously blogged about her process here.

So although there are no rules within the group on how to tackle the stitches I decided for me to achieve something I had to decide on my own boundaries, first of all I am working with materials I already have in the house, I am not sure how long this will last as I am really liking working on the even weave fabric I found.

I also decided each page would focus only on one stitch, I keep it to three colours of thread per stitch, I don’t unpick if I don’t like something (its supposed to be for reference so good to know what I don’t like as much as what I do), I only use two strands of embroidery thread throughout and the only bit of planning/designing on paper is for the words the rest if just a case of doodling.

So here are the pages so far, they are all 12cm by 13.5cm.

Page 1 – Fly Stitch

2015-07-19 14.14.20

Page 2 – Blanket Stitch2015-08-03 13.17.15-2

Page 2 – Feather Stitch

2015-08-12 08.35.24

Page 4 – Cretan Stitch

2015-08-16 16.01.12

I am about a week behind as I had a lovely time away at the East London Crochet Residential ( more about that in a later post) but I am sure I will slowly catch up as I think there are weeks that I won’t be able  to fill a whole page.



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  1. I really think the effort and engagement you are putting into this is wonderful you certainly deserve a gold star – wonderful work

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