Not as Planned

It’s been a bit of a lost week for me, I’ve not been feeling well so have had to cancel a few fun meet ups but there were good things that happened.
Thanks to Ruth I got one of my wheels back.

There has been a little bit of spinning but I’m having to be good as I’m a bit behind on my preparations for Watham Abbey Wool Show.
I have managed to wind a few cakes though.

Labelling next.
I have also, after seeing Nevis Knitters beautiful blanket, that I’m going to attempt to do the Moogly CAL At the moment I’ve limited it to greys and cream for this square

But that may change. I think it’s not going to be too demanding, one 12 inch square every fortnight and they look like they’re going to be really interesting squares.
The final bit of good news is that we have finally opened the booking for Skipnorth, it’s my favourite time of year, I get to meet up with friends in a lovely woolly environment with possibly the odd chance of a few woolly bargains to boot.



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2 responses to “Not as Planned

  1. Meep. Another Year in Chile, another Skipnorth missed.

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