A Brand New Year

Unfortunately I have come to realise after many years this doesn’t mean a brand new me.

I was looking for last years new year post which seems to have vanished, I am sure I did one but did find the years before and I seem to be repeating myself a lot.

I did manage to read over a book a month this year, which although to many this doesn’t sound a lot but to me that is definitely an achievement and hope to continue in that way as I do love reading, its just finding the time.

I know some people are doing the 15 in 15 idea which I first read about on http://madeinoxford.wordpress.com which is a wonderful idea but haven’t quite managed to fit into that format.

I also like the idea of the Year of Making which is something that fits in very well with my on going resolution to organise my time a little better as at the moment I don’t seem to find the time to be creative, the idea of making time each day seems to be a positive move towards that.

One of my main wishes for the year is to get all our belonging back as we still have a few things strewn around the county and especially starting to miss my spinning wheel. sewing machine and loom as all of these things are part of the plan to be more creative this year.

There has been some knitting already this year, over Christmas I tackled the Scarfy Shenanigans MKAL by Josh Rykes, I loved it, it was real challenge of concentration and all in all I probably knitted it at least three times over with all the times I pulled it out.

2014-12-19 20.00.04-2

Hopefully I’ll get a better pic when I have blocked it.

So as a Christmas present to myself, helped by a discount code that the designer had very kindly sent to the MKAL participants I brought the Descent into Madness pattern and managed to find some wool in my stash and so my Christmas knitting has been a new shawl for myself. The photo with the pattern doesn’t show how beautiful it actually is, do check out some of the other projects.

2015-01-01 21.53.38

I’m over half way now and into the madness end which isn’t really TV knitting but will persevere.

I hope you have all had a good New Year and hope 2015 bring you all what you wish for.


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2 responses to “A Brand New Year

  1. Happy New Year. I’ll have to look out for the Year of Making.

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