Say hello to George

Well after a couple of really busy weeks of craft fairs and bugs we have started to finally get ready for christmas here. We had an added surprise this week, say hello to George

george 1

As you may know we had to give up our beloved Pip and Nor last year when we had to move, our lovely friend Sue and her sister took them in at very short notice and they have been spoilt rotten. We had hoped to have welcomed them home when we were finally settled but unfortunately that was not to be as we are now in a tower block next to a very busy A road so as both were very outdoor cats this would not have been fair on them so Sue and Denise very kindly agreed to give the pair a permanent home where they are much loved.

So to continue, we had talked about maybe getting another pet in the future, I have fond memories of keeping pets as a child, but no firm plans when a friend of us approached me on Wednesday and asked if we consider taking on a cat in need of a home, I explained that we couldn’t take an outdoor cat but would consider an older house cat and after the story I heard it was difficult to say no.

The foster carers had called this cat Lucky as they have had to rescue it on three separate occasions, they first came across it acting very lethargically in a garden next to theres so managed to get to it and take it to the vet who checked for a chip and gave it an injection which seem to do the trick so they brought it home and as it was wearing a collar released it again where they had found it and didn’t see it for a few weeks, the next time they saw it it had managed to get his paw caught in his collar and had obviously been stuck for a while like it, so again managed to catch it and release its paw. The third and final time they saw it it had an open wound on his head with a maggot in, they obviously took it to the vet straight away for treatment and have been caring for it ever since, it has also been neutered and tested and has now been given a clean bill of health, and they would have love to of kept him but the already have four rescues in the house and he really wasn’t settling so were desperately looking for a new home for him and since they have taken him in he has shown little or no inclination to go outside so they thought he would be quite happy as a house cat.

Well he arrived Thursday night and for the first day or so all we saw of him was pretty much what you can see in the top photo, he has taken to siting between my feet under my lap blanket on our pouffe, he did pop out for food but would soon go back under at the slightest noise. We think he has had a hard time with children in his previous life as he is still a bit wary of Lb but slowly but surely he is emerging.

george 2

The vet reckons he’s between two and three years of age and is a big boy, they reckon he’s an English Short Haired and is completely black with light green eyes who seems to have decided I am his personal bed at night.

As is tradition Lb chose his new name George, I have no idea why but there are worse names and I think he will fit in nicely to our household.



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4 responses to “Say hello to George

  1. How lovely! I know he’ll have a wonderful life with you all. A life filled with yarn!

  2. George is lovely! What a nice looking cat.

  3. What a beautiful cat! Hello George!

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