Beads and things

It’s been a busy seven days, thankfully it saw Lb return to school at almost full health which mean I could go into production for a couple of upcoming craft shows.

I have a healthy stock of yarn so I wanted a few extra bits for the stall so I started experimenting with what I consider coat brooches, something to cheer up that winter coat.


They are based on the buttonholes we made for my wedding but I wanted to give them a bit bigger so I revised the basic pattern.

Flower Base – using UK crochet terms

Make a magic loop

Row 1 – 2ch, 11hdc into ring, ss into second chain to complete the circle, pull magic loop closed.

Row 2 – 2ch, tr into same space as the slip stitch, 1dtr 1trtr 1dtr in the next hdc,* 1tr in next hdc 2ch ss into same hdc, ch2 tr in same stitch, 1dtr 1trtr 1dtr all in the next hdc repeat from * 4 more times, work 1tr into the ss, ch2 and ss into same space finish off and weave in ends.

This gives a very full petal, if you want a flatter flower eliminate the trtrs.


Then I use what I call a sieve brooch base which gives a far sturdier base to work the beading into, then I let my imagination run riot.


I have loved making these and I feel I may be making a few more.

There have also been a few of these happening this week


but I am going to leave them to another Blog post.

I have been very lucky that the cafe shop at Stepney City Farm Cafe have agreed to stock a few of these to compliment the wonderful work available to their rural artists work.



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