Another week another blog post

Its that time of year where the weather has turned and i feel the need to knit a shawl and Lb needs a new hat and mittens, I love autumn but could do with out the continual drenching I seem to be getting a the moment every time I do the school run.

So I have cast on Stripe Study again as I love the calmness these simple garter stitch patterns bring, its also good for knitting groups as I can put it down mid row to help people without worrying that I will lose track of where I am.


The random is a ball of Knit Picks Chroma given to me by Stash as a birthday present and is most definitely me and the solid purple is a new to me yarn Cascade Heritage that I brought on a visit too Wild and Woolly and its so soft its gorgeous and I plan to use it again.

I also visited the farm this week, its still one of my favourite places and the wonderful Alex gave me and Jane a great gift.


I have my very first Herdy Mug and I love it, it absolutely made my day.

I have also finished another book


It was a quick read and very funny, written in a very relaxed style so made it a pleasure to read.

I have also been working on my new years resolution on doing a bit more sewing, it wasn’t what I had originally had in mind but I had a bit of a new blank page moment with that so decided to try something that I had already started.


I’ve been trying out a few needle point stitches on squares I had already had as this is what I used to do on transatlantic flights when they had the blanket ban on knitting.

It is also the time of year we start talking about Skipnorth. Hopefully we’ll have the booking open by the end of the week, we are still working out the last little bits of the schedule with a few new ideas for this year.



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2 responses to “Another week another blog post

  1. Lovely colours in your needlepoint! x

  2. ruth

    Shawls growing well, and i love the needlepoint

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