Creative Blog Hop

I am a little late doing this but I have been tagged both by Probably Jane and Lixie both great friends that I have met through the knitting world and have since shared many an adventure including Skipnorth.
I have found this a bit of a challenge so I apologise if I start to ramble.
1. What am I working on? 
What am I not, I am a terrible at sticking at one project, I always have many going on in many different disciplines.
I am always working n the next set of designs for the East London Groups Double Filet Workshops, this is a great technique which allows you to work really great graphic patterns on a crochet mesh. Here is a sneak peak of a design for tomorrows workshop.
Unfortunately my jewellery tools are only just coming out of its packing boxes since the move but have a few ideas of what I want to try when we are finally set up and unpacked, the same with my spinning wheel, they are still living in a friends back room waiting to be freed.
I have managed to dye some yarn whilst at the new flat.
IMG_20140722_133537and have been lucky enough to sell a few cakes thanks to friends.
I have also been finishing off a few projects from our crochet residential at Belsey Bridge.
And from this week I have continued to work on ripples especially a double filet ripple.
This years designs have been all based around Turkistan and tomorrows are based on carpets and rugs from the area.
2. How does my work differ from others of its genre? 
I guess with the crochet there are not many of us who practice double filet/interlocking to the level our group does, I was lucky enough to join the group six and a half years ago and have been involved in developing the certification in it which I am quite proud of and as a group we produce a pattern book of new designs every three months let alone any teaching material.
I do feel I have a style but not sure I could describe it myself, I know my use of colours can be quite unique which I think stems from fine art background.
3. Why do I write/create what I do? I have no choice but to create, this has always been the same, ever since I can remember, even as a youngster when art materials were in short supply I would covet even the smallest pad of paper and find ways of using anything to create and experiment with. Thankfully I have a very understanding husband as if things have become really stressful and I just haven’t had time to, what I call ‘play’ he can start to tell and will give me the time and the space just to make something, this doesn’t necessarily just following a knitting or crochet pattern as I can usually squeeze that in somewhere but to actually make something from scratch or experiment with a new technique or skill. If I don’t get this chance I really do get very twitchy and dare I say it a bit grumpy.
4. How does my writing/creating process work?
A hang up from my art school days is carrying a sketch book with me, these days though it has squared paper.
And the other thing that drives many people I know to despair is that I need to have my clutter around me, things like my beads are not sorted, I need to have them mixed to spark my creativity.
I also love to be surrounded by things that inspire me, these are not always your traditional items and my poor suffering husband sometimes struggles to understand why I treasure some items.
This has been a very interesting process and quite interesting actually looking into how I work which is usually such a natural flowing thing.
I have also loved reading other people’s blog posts on this, mostly woolly based so I thought it would be fun to tag people who maybe will take it in another direction and although I met both of these people through the woolly world they also work in Jewellery and cannot wait to see how they work.
Firstly I nominate Mary at Quite Contrary, she, like me has her finger in many pies so will be interesting how she see’s them crossing over, we also both have a real love of colour.
Secondly I nominate MrsPao over on Mumblings who has made an amazing success of her jewellery business over a very short space of time but is a completely different style to mine, its very elegant and understated.

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