28th Jan

Today I attended a really interesting talk put on by Lb’s school about helping our children be safe on the web. I was a little dubious about it before I attended as I consider myself moderately internet Davy. I couldn’t have been more wrong, it was a great down to earth talk from one parent to another. Not do much technical info but a real practical idea of helping your child to stay safe, not by demonizing the technology but by giving our children the tools to be safe when online.
I was really glad that it was such a balanced approach and really recommend it to other parents.
It also reminded me of how much I gained from the internet, not only the people I have met through it who have become life long friends but also giving me the chance to try (learn) things that I would never had the chance too.


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  1. Yes, I went to a talk at school where they talked about the approach they use with the kids. They don’t try to scare them (like the media does us) but they give them a toolkit.

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