25th Jan

Just to reassure everyone my brother is fine, he takes medication daily and unfortunately if he gets a bug and can’t keep it down it means a trip to the hospital. It doesn’t happen often but in a strange way its not unusual, the main problem this time was Hammersmith bridge being closed.
Which leads me to Saturdays blessing as I had to go the long way to the hospital which meant taking the bus through the centre of the village I grew up in (its in London but still considers itself a village) and it amazed me how different it is to where I live now, not better or worse just completely different. It does amaze me the diversity across the city.

This a bad photo of the bridge (taken through a moving bus window) you see all the people by the river they are all watching a rowing regatta and what you can’t see is the girl on the opposite corner with her lacrosse stick waiting to be picked up to go to practice, neither of these have I seen here. They also have an amazing variety of coffee shops.

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  1. Liz

    Glad your brother’s on the mend; and know what you mean on all-night transport. I’m very lucky in that I can get a train home until 00:30, but the last bus is at 7:15pm…

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