20th Jan

Yesterday seen to be a day spent filling in endless forms and my plan to go and visit the comfy sofa in Hornchurch went completely out the window.
There was a small highlight for the day though, via Pinterest I found the most wonderful website. It fits in perfectly with my plan to do some sewing this year and I had been looking at doing a stitch sampler book and this site I think is the push I need.   Pintangle hosts Take a stitch Tuesday where every week she gives instructions on how to work an embroidery stitch and encourages people, depending on ability to either just work a little sample or if more experienced encouraging them to revisit the stitch. This has been going on a couple of years now and I think I am going to start from the beginning, I’m hoping to get some fabric today and then im going to try and work out how to make a book.
There is knitting progress too, the colour affection is growing.


There is just 27 more stripes of section three to go and then there is that last block of colour.
I also cast on some Cranfords to knit at the show on Sunday but as we were so busy they haven’t grown so much. 


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