19th Jan

This day had many happy blessings, starting with probablyjane inviting me to help her with her stand at the first Waltham Abbey Wool show. It was a bit of an early start but essexgirlknits whisked us to the Mariott Hotel just off the M25. It was a very quick set up and we had time for a tea and a wander round. It was at that point I spotted these wonderful batts, that were a real bargain from Weaveknitit.


I can’t wait to start spinning them, they were lovely people and we had a great conversation comparing wheels and small children and I think I might have to order from them again.
I also caught up with Heather from Sparkle Duck whose stand looked as amazing as ever.
There were some lovely stands there in a lovely well lit room, I could have spent a fortune.
Once the doors were open the flow of customers were pretty constant including some familiar faces.


It was an amazing day, it was great to do a show again but I was very grateful it was only a one day one as I was very hoarse by the time I got home.
I did meet one truely amazing couple whilst we were there, firstly this is the wife in her amazing jacket all based around five square patterns


And this is the husband who had knitted his tank top which was based around one of his abstract paintings, the colours of which were amazing.


My only regret is that I didn’t catch their names. These are people I can only aspire to be.


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