17th Jan

Today’s blessing was the wonderful lady at my bank, now I’ve had my problems with my bank but today they were great especially their meet and greet person.
For some unknown reason our old power company had sent me a refund but used my maiden name, I hasten to add the letter it came with was addressed to my married name, they did offer if I sent it back they’d reissue it but as it had already taken a month to arrive I thought I’d see what my bank said.
Well this woman was wonderful, assured me it was no problem helped me fill in the paying in slip and actually escorted me to the counter to make sure that I had no problems.
Now I suppose this shouldn’t be unusual but unfortunately it is, so I’d just like to thank this woman that made something that could have been a real pain into a 2min job.

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One response to “17th Jan

  1. Samantha Hayden

    It makes a change for a bank to be helpful as it is a rarity! A good experience is definitely something to be thankful for! x

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