12 Jan – books

Today’s happy moment came whilst listening to my 6year old read, now this isn’t uncommon as we try and listen to him read every day but what I loved about today was that he got caught up with the story and wanted to carry on reading to see what happened. This sometimes. happens when we’re reading a story to him but rarely happens when he’s reading a book himself. It reminds me how much I loved reading as a child, it was and still is a great way of escaping reality for a while and I was lucky that all of my schools had great library’s to feed my love.
Oh the book he was reading was Windy Webley a lovely Christmas gift from probably Jane’s Nephew and Niece. 



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2 responses to “12 Jan – books

  1. Samantha Hayden

    It is great when children really get into a book, it rarely happens nowadays unfortunately! Well done for listening to him read, we get far too many parents telling us that they haven’t got time to listen to their children read, afterall it is the school’s job! That book is really good though!

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