6th Jan- and actual knitting.

Today’s little bit of joy is that moment when designing when you go into that zone when an idea just appears, usually from nowhere. Im sure it must be the same for writers and composers or I guess everyone, it’s like all the stars are in alignment and it just flows out of you.
So carefully written down in my notebook ( photo just for knittingtastic) is my first design for my year of doublefilet ahead.


There has also been knitting.


They are both the wonderful Fairlee top down mittens from Probablyjane. The bottom one is in Marble and the pattern is on ravelry here,  the top one is a child’s version I’m test knitting, this only took me knitting group and the journey there to get this far, recipient is fast asleep so can’t finish the thumb, so a really quick knit.


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5 responses to “6th Jan- and actual knitting.

  1. Marion (Keeper of the Knitronomicon)

    I made a pair of the Fairlee mittens for my Mum for Christmas, and she adores them – they’re warm (I used Cascade 220), and because of the loose cast-off, they’re easy for her to get on and off. Each one only took me a day to knit, I think.

  2. Glad you both enjoyed knitting the mittens – they look lovely. Look out for a chunky version for people in a serious hurry!

  3. …and I’m glad to see you making the most of your notebook! Fab mittens too, particularly the sparkly ones

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