I broke my sons heart.

Today I broke my sons heart.

Let me explain back in 2009 we gained a couple of new family members.


Pip and Nor, brother and sister kittens from the local PDSA who have grown a lot since then.

ImagePip is most definitely Pete’s best mate, follows him everywhere, and if Pete isn’t around he will find the closest lap, he spends a lot of time snuggled up on my feet indoors.

On the other hand their is Nor,

ImageNor is Andy’s cat, and is often caught snuggled up to his beard if she is indoors but she is very much an outdoor cat and not so keen on strangers.

They are much loved and the reason I broke Pete’s heart is because we are having to move, its not something we would have chosen to do right now but I won’t go into the details but there is a very strong possibility that we are not going to be able to take the cats with us. The lovely Probably Jane volunteered to have them but she already has two beautiful cats and it would be difficult as from what I read you need to keep a cat in for the first few weeks in a new home and it wouldn’t be fair on Jane’s cats.

So right now I am out of ideas, I have an upset 6 year old, we are also heart broken but know we need to find at least a temporary home for these two wonderful child friendly cats within the next three weeks or I am going to have to return them to the PDSA with no hope of Pete being able to visit them.

On top of this we are trying to pack the best we can, and clearing a lot of stuff as we are likely to go into a flat from a house so if anyone has a spare couple of hours or anytime to run things to a charity shop or the tip, or any space to store things on a temporary basis we would both really appreciate it.

Just a quick note to say that although Pete realises that we are moving he doesn’t quite understand the whole thing so although we are talking about moving with him we tend not to go into great detail in front of him.


At the moment poor Andy is having to cope with a lot as my health is still not what it should be, the consultant has changed the diagnosis to a non diagnosis so lots of tests and if I give any more blood I’ll have none left.





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8 responses to “I broke my sons heart.

  1. Oh that sucks! I feel for you, I would be lost without my pets, but I know there are landlords out there that don’t like them. I hope the move goes smoothly and you find a home for your two cats soon. Hugs xx

  2. So sorry to hear all this. Health problems myself, an allergy to cat dander and distance mean I’m not in a position to practically help you but I do send my love and hugs, xxx

  3. I hope you find a cat friendly landlord soon & that they can stay with you.


  4. I’m so sorry! I hope you can find somewhere temporary for them. They are beautiful cats. Is there a cat fostering organisation near you? I think Cats Protection offer that for emergencies, I know they could t help me at the time because I wasn’t going into hospital or vein made homeless, but you might qualify? Good luck, and all things crossed.

  5. If you don’t find somewhere, let me know. I will ask pao if we can look after them for you.

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