This Special Week

This week has two important dates in it firstly it was Lb’s 6th birthday on Wednesday on which he spent a wonderful time in our local park most of the day with his brave dad. This was followed by his party today, which has left me and Andy (and thankfully Lb) completely exhausted, he enjoyed every minute of it though so worth it.

I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast, he is growing so fast and we’ve had a bit of a year with him school wise but with the help of his teacher and TOTKO we are on a more even keel now and am loving watching him develop, he is at that lovely stage of being a sponge for any new information.

The second important date was our wedding anniversary today, its been a whole year and we have had some lovely cards and a beautiful present of an album of the photos from the wedding, its something that we had been meaning to do but never quite had the money left at the end of the month  to do it, so we were absolutely thrilled to have this memory of such an amazing day.

And as for us we have had a bit of a year, with lots going on but we are as strong as ever and don’t know what I would have done without Andy this year and I promise to try and not book Lb’s birthday party on our anniversary next year.

ImageThe Aisle I walked down 1 year ago.


And the Bearded Bride and groom – Photo thanks to Jane Lithgow.



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4 responses to “This Special Week

  1. Ros

    congratulations on your first anniversary – may you have many many more. Ros xx

  2. Simon Mitelman

    Congratulations sweetie. Really lovely to hear you’re all ok (even if it’s been a bit rocky on occasion).
    Can’t believe Lb is 6. How on earth did that happen?!!!

    Take care and who knows, maybe we’ll actually see each other at some point for a proper catch up…

    S xxxxxxxxx

  3. Jacinta

    Many congratulations on your wedding anniversary!
    Jacinta x

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