Another week passes

ImageAnother week of being stuck at home, now normally I would have no problem with that as I really like time at home to knit and create things and I am usually complaining I don’t get enough time unfortunately for several reasons at the moment I am limited to what I can do. Saying all of that I am enjoying the time to improve my spinning, I am spinning every day even if only for 20mins for the last couple of days as it has been far to hot.

I am working my way through a Fibreholics fleece bag that I ordered a couple of years ago, it is a fantastic way to find new dyers but for me it is also a great way of trying new fibres without committing to a full 100g. For me there is nothing worse than buying a beautiful braid of fibre and after the first 20gms feeling that I have to spin the rest even if I am not enjoying the process or the result. This time I have learnt that I am not keen on spinning bamboo, there were a couple of beautifully dyed samples in this collection that I know if I had seen for sale at a show I probably would have brought and been really unhappy with because of the bamboo  but I know know that although I won’t buy that particular blend I love the colour ways so much I am likely to order from the dyer again.

So I have been spinning up the samples and knitting them into a ripple shawl.

Ok will write more and add links later as this internet is so slow today its painful


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