Another day another trip to A+E

Thankfully not for me this time. Unfortunately it was Andy’s turn, he has an ongoing heart condition so we have to play it safe with any upper body pain so we ended up in Queens again on Friday morning just to be on the safe side and after a couple of ECGs he was given the all clear thankfully. 

It did prove to me how low my energy levels are and how much I need to find my sun hat.

In the mean time I have been loving spinning again. I have finished the Yarnyard fibre from last blog entry.



In theory it was all supposed to be two ply but obviously didn’t split the braid very well so have a lovely little ball of Navajo plied yarn as well, this did lead me to decide that I much prefer the navajo plied yarn, yes the colour is more like the braid but actually for me I prefer the texture so I decided for my next braid I decided to be a bit more in control (you know what I mean) and try and make it a bit more consistent, around a DK.



It is a braid from Fluff-n-Stuff of Squoosh which is 70% Super fine Baby Alpaca 30%Blue Faced Leicester and it is so soft and I even dis a test spin wash and swatch and this is the result.



The picture on the wheel is a more accurate representation of the colour way which is called Maz and I love its halo and I think its going to be mittens for me 🙂


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