One month on

So I am still here, and unfortunately no new improvement in my face to report this week but still trying to be proactive, I have never eaten so much cayenne in my life but if it helps. I am also trying to keep a little busy, well as much as I can, I am still a bit limited and get tired very quickly but I am still trying to do things. Unfortunately the second shawl I cast on in my last blog entry I ended up frogging as I really didn’t get on with the transitions between the patterns, nothing to do with the pattern, it is perfectly correct just personal preference, so instead I cast on Dreambird which I have had in my library for a while, I already had the long colour change yarn in my stash which I had purchased from the Nest especially for it when they had a sale. Now it looks quite complicated but to be honest once I had done the forst feather it is perfectly logical and have now finished the fourth feather.

ImageIts not quite as bright pink as the photo shows but I am loving the way it uses the long colour changes.

As my eyes are still playing up I can only work on knitting for a limited amount of time so I had a thought yesterday and dug out my S10 Louet Spinning wheel, I realised that when I spin I use my sense of touch more than my sight and although its not going to be perfect spinning I have thoroughly enjoyed spinning up this Yarn yard Dyed Fleece.

ImageIt is the most beautiful colour ranging from quite a bright purple to almost a brown, it has been such an easy spin too, I am being very good and have split the braid into two and am planning a two ply possibly around a DK weight but I am not getting to caught up in particulars at the moment.

This is also going to be my photo for Geeky Girls Knit July 2013 Photo a day challenge , which I found thanks to @knittingmummy, the prompt for the day is favourite yarn, but how can I choose a favourite yarn so at the moment this is the yarn I am most excited about.





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3 responses to “One month on

  1. Jacinta

    I do hope you start to feel better soon. Your ‘Dreambird’ is beautiful.

  2. Liz

    Hi – just catching up! So sorry you’ve had such a bad time; hope it all starts improving soon… A colleague had Bell’s Palsy and although it was awful at the time, it did go away completely after a few months. Will be thinking of you.

    Intrigued to see Dreambird – I’ve heard mixed things about the pattern and it’s beautiful.

  3. I love the colours of the Dreambird! Beautiful. So sorry you are still suffering.hope it all gets better soon. hugs xx

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