More knitting

Slowly the pain is improving, its just a night where it is now a real problem, I can’t get comfortable because most of my head hurts so find it difficult to lay down but at least can function around the house kind of normally. The vision is still a bit hit and miss but I can successfully make a cup of tea so I can’t be that bad. Now just to boost my energy levels


My supposed follow up appointment which was supposed to be within a fortnight is on NHS time in September so trying to be patient.

I have cast on a second knitting project though. My Gallimaufry is growing well, with another section almost complete but find I can only work on this in the morning when my

eyes are fresh.


So for my evening knitting I have cast on Les Sillons, I am using some lace weight that I dyed years ago when I helped at Silkwood and am combining that with some of my treasured Yarn yard Gloaming which is a wonderful silk and merino mix, which is so gorgeous and soft.
I have always loved the color affection shawl but I am really no good with long stretches of garter stitch or anything that repeats the same stitch, and just know I would get part way in and it would be tucked away to be frogged in the future. Lucky my friend @essexgirlknits has offered to knit me one so as soon as I have picked out yarn for her she’ll be ready to go, but I knew I wanted to knit something I didn’t have to look at a pattern to often and this is perfect, each section is a different stitch and there are regular short rows which means there is enough to keep me amused and have got past the worst bit which is the first garter stitch triangle so it is now flying along.

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