After a week

So it has been a week since my ride in an ambulance and to be honest right now I feel worse than I did last week, saying that I am so aware how lucky I am and that this will pass even if it takes a while.

At the moment from what I read the bells palsy is following its standard route, which has been a bit of a shock as the week has gone on as although I had blinding headaches last friday I wasn’t prepared for the pain that has now set in, all I can compare it to to is if you have ever had that ear ache and toothache that is so painful it keeps you awake all night, its a bit like that constantly at the moment, not much fun for those around me as you can imagine. Apparently this isn’t unusual from what I read, often the symptoms worsen after the initial numbness over the  following seven days so hopefully this will be as bad as it gets.

The dropping doesn’t seem to be as exaggerated now although I still can’t smile, the worst bit for me at the moment besides the pain is my eyesight, it comes in and out of focus a lot which adds to the headaches in the evening and makes me a little bit of a liability out on my own as if the wind or sun gets in my eyes they just close completely of their own accord, not so great when you are crossing a road. Saying that at least I can close my eye which means I haven’t had to use the eye drops so often, I am also almost at the end of the run of steroids and hopefully my follow up appointment should come through soon.

So in the mean time I have been trying to keep myself amused, have found crochet difficult as you have to look at where you place your stitch all the time so have treated myself to casting on a new piece of knitting.



This is the wonderful Gallimaufry by Jan Eaton a free pattern over on Ravelry, its the perfect lace project for me, lots of changes but simple enough that I don’t have to look at every stitch. I am only doing a little bit each day not to strain my eyes but I am really pleased how its turning out.




The yarn is a wool silk mix I think, I picked it up at the Skipnorth p/hop swap and wound it into a ball there and of course have promptly lost the label, I am also working it on a size to small needle just because I couldn’t face working on straights but I think it will be ok when I block it. I am really pleased with it though and have just finished chart B.


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14 responses to “After a week

  1. Nic, I hope you feel lots better soon. Your knitting looks gorgeous. x

  2. m

    That looks beautiful!
    Such a great choice of colour for the pattern.

  3. Sharon

    This is beautiful! The design and colors ard just lovely. I had Bell’s Palsy years ago. Freaky stuff! Hang in there. Sharonshare from twitter

  4. Jacinta

    Sorry that you are in such pain, I do hope you get some relief soon. Love the lace knitting.

  5. Ros

    sorry the pain is so bad so horrid for you get better soon lots of hugs

  6. Have been thinking of you – let me know when you are up to receiving guests or need a change of scene. An in awe of the knitting you manage to produce even when in pain!

  7. brigid

    Sorry to hear about the Bell’s Palsy and particularly that you’re in so much pain. I sympathise with that after a few months in the winter with horrendous toothache! Keep timing the painkillers so that you can keep topped up is my advice! Hope you feel much better soon.

  8. Not very good at keeping in touch – so I was horrified to hear of this! What a nightmare and glad to hear (read) that you’re on the mend, Nic. Terri/tutmut – who is planning on coming to Skipnorth for the anniversary next year so don’t forget to put me on the list as soon as bookings open. Anything I can do to help out let me know. X

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