Well not quite but getting a bit fed up now, back healing nicely but seem to have now pulled a muscle round my ribs probably due to this cold and coughing too much and my right knee isn’t happy but at least not taking the heavier pain killers means I can concentrate a little more even if Mrs Grumpy pants appears every now and then.

I have managed to finish another a book, its a bit of a cheat for my book a month challenge as I have been dipping in and out of this book for about a year when I received it from Andy’s nephew as a much appreciated Christmas present.

The book in question is The Devil Rides Out by Paul O’Grady.

Its the second part of his biography, the first being At My Mothers knee and I loved it as much as the first, it was one of those biographies that you can here the persons voice in it which I love and generally the reason I avoid biographies that are written by other people, I really like them written in the first person. If you love Paul O’Grady, which I do, you will love this it has his great dry sense of humour and there are parts where it has me laughing out loud but also he talks about quite dark things that he has witnessed. He has lived the most amazing life and that is only what he has included in the book, they are in no way ego boosting biographies, you know the type I mean where the subject comes out rivalling Mother Teresa, he is amazingly honest. I am really looking forward to reading part three.


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  1. I hope you are feeling much better now.

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