Busy Busy Busy

Well ok not that busy as the back is still not back to full health but a lot of things going on.

I may have over done it a little on Saturday, I took Pete to his ballet class for the first time (Andy has had to take him for the last three weeks), it was lovely, he is so enjoying the class at Stages Academy and we are on a steep learning curve, who knew there was so much to a ballet pump. The only problem is that they only have fold out chairs which look a bit delicate so daren’t sit on one so have to stand, now normally its not a problem its only a half hour class but the back didn’t enjoy it. Now any sensible person would have gone home at that point but not me, I think the frustration of being in for three weeks and my stubborn streak meant I kept going and we ended up in a packed kidspace. Pete had a great time though which was the important thing.

So Sunday I took it nice and easy but managed to get to knitting group and also managed to meet up with Lixie before hand to sort out the last details of Skipnorth. The knitting group as ever was fun, I love the fact that everyone is working on so many different things and there is always new magazines to look at or wool to stroke or finished projects to admire.

So Monday saw me working out the workshop details for Skipnorth and sending out a lot of emails and answering a few too and in between that I started to update the Double Filet Website, which being a novice computer person took a little while and I still have a few things to fix.

So as a reward for completing my paperwork I allowed myself a small treat of buying a pattern. It contains a technique in crochet I haven’t tried before and I have already learnt so much just in working that small square. The pattern is The purple throated Hummingbird 12″ Afghan Square, I haven’t worked it in the suggested weight yarn and have used four ply instead, I am hoping that I might be able to use it in my babette blanket eventually. Pictures to follow.






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2 responses to “Busy Busy Busy

  1. Get well soon. I hope that the back gets better soon. Back pain is a killer.

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