More Crochet

So finally the back is settling down and my crochet output has increased, I was very good yesterday and sewed all the ends in on all the babette squares I have already completed which gave me a chance with playing around with a couple of different joining techniques.

This is a photo of some squares joined by the normal oversewing.

ImageAs you can see you would have to be careful which yarn you would use to join the squares.

This is a photo where I have joined the squares with the invisible sewing, its a bit like doing a mattress stitch.

ImageI’ve used the pale blue to join these and as you can see no sign of it, there are a couple of bits on the reverse but that is down to me not being used to the method. I like the look of this method but I don’t find the join as soft so I have left all the ends free at the moment just in case I change my mind. See the lovely pile of ends, that is the one draw back of this blanket there is a lot of sewing in of ends.

I have also managed a quick Double Filet sample for our upcoming workshops.



I have also started for the third time on Fuzzy Logics Entrelac Cube with Continuous Cables, I love this pattern it really stretches my brain, a bit like a really hard crossword or Sudoku, I love the challenge of knitting a three dimensional object with one continuos string and it will only have one 10stitch seam to sew up.

ImageIts going well so far I have completed square 12 so have reached the half way point, I have got a bit stuck on the next bit so have returned to pen and paper to try and work it out.






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